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E-Liquid recipe Twelve Vapor Gemini Clone
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50%/ 50%, 3 mg., 3 .
Василий Кронверкский
E-Liquid recipe Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch Clone
0 ( 0)
30%/ 70%, 0 mg., 3 .
Василий Кронверкский

Do you prefer DIY e-liquids and want to find a flavor concentrate? You can choose from 1825 flavor concentrates. Flavor can be selected by brand (for example: FlavorArt (FA), The Flavor Apprentice (TFA), Capella Flavor Drops (CAP) and others) and flavor, for convenience, the flavors are divided into categories.

Flavor concentrate Capella Flavor Drops Cappuccino
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Capella Flavors, Inc. (CAP)
Flavor concentrate The Flavor Apprentice DX Butterscotch
0 ( 0)
The Perfumer's Apprentice (TPA)

More e-liquids are good and different! It's very easy to get confused among the abundance of brands and flavors. Here you can choose from 901 liquids. The e-liquid can be selected according to the following parameters: brand, VG, nicotine strength and taste.

E-liquid Infinity Space Aurora
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Infinity Space
E-liquid Totally Wicked Blueberry
0 ( 0)
Totally Wicked

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